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Press and Interviews


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Reju has certainly allowed artistic relevance to brush her way immediately, but she still echos that of a true DIY artist, even showing a sharp edge through the beauty of the compositions. The accessible yet respected harmonies and compositional mode of Fleetwood Mac and Feist is present in this worldly recording of singular love songs [Strange Love & The Secret Language].  Here Reju has collaborated with her musical contemporaries, recorded choice covers and delivered a lucid album that resonates on first listen – pretty much an ideal album concept. - Shane Handler, Glide Magazine (July 31, 2015)

"Strange Love and the Secret Language owes its existence in part to a highly successful PledgeMusic campaign, which netted Reju 113 percent of her stated financial goals. Clearly, her fans are as passionate about her music as she is." - Brice Ezell, PopMatters (April 7, 2015)

"Reju’s version [of 'Hemophiliac of Love'] is a catchy, moving little joy of a song that... features a really nice male/female vocal chemistry between her and [A.C.] Newman. It’s the type of cover song that holds up regardless of season and situation, and the kind that you can glean equal pleasure from whether or not you realize it’s a cover song..." - Striker Bill (February 15, 2015)

Her voice is a comfort, a melodic balm of soothing-yet-quirky charm that carries her tunes to very human heights. - Morgan Evans, Kingston Times: Kingston After Dark (Aug 14, 2014)

"Adrien is like a bird from another planet that can see directly into your heart."  - Rachael Yamagata, Rachael Yamagata Blog (Oct 01, 2012) 

"Once in a great, great while, a song comes along that says exactly what it needs to by every facet—in lyrics, melody, delivery and its very arrangement. 'All to Myself' is one such song. Reju captures obsession, longing, insecurity and brashness in all these aspects and the end result is perfection." - Chad Gorn, All That Matters in Music (Oct 04, 2012)

"Though a departure from what longtime listeners would expect, "Lucky Ones" shows evolution and growth.... and shows a fantastically gifted artist growing her style with a big, full voice that truly separates [her] from a very crowded field of singer-songwriters. "- The Buzz About (Aug 24, 2012) 

"The compelling mix places Reju firmly alongside today's most celebrated female pop songwriters." - Matt Connor, Pledge Music (Jul 17, 2012)

"[Philadelphia] locals may recognize Adrien Reju’s lilting voice and classic Renoir good looks from her work with bluegrass outfit the Lowlands and rootsy trio Angel Band. Now, on solo debut A Million Hearts, Reju waxes in a new style, burnishing her timeless sensibility into laid-back sparkly pop that registers on the familiarity meter somewhere between Feist and Petula Clark." - Tara Murtha, Philadelphia Weekly

"Adrien Reju is a tiny muse that seem borrowed from another era, churning out songs that are half 70's AM radio gold and half Tin Pan Alley.... Occasional hints of whimsy like tickled barrel-house piano or muted horn solos help to define her produced tracks, but even stripped bare her songs retain their heft thanks to her distinctive vocals - somehow both powerful and girlish at the same time." Peter Marinari, CBS Philly: Best of Philadelphia (Sep 21, 2010)

"Adrien Reju is not just another self-taught aspiring singer-songwriter toting her mom’s old guitar. This pixie-cut, homemade scarf sporting songbird...will make you take notice with her unrestricted vocal capabilities and jaunty musical accompaniment, including rootsy guitar flourishes, muted trumpet, and swinging piano chords." - Katie Bennett, The Deli Magazine (Jul 11, 2010)