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With years sharing the stage as a solo artist, backing vocalist, and band member with Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes), Rachael Yamagata, Gillian Welch, Linda Ronstadt, David Bromberg, and Amos Lee, Hudson Valley, NY singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Adrien Reju has built a lasting career in music. Her latest studio project, Strange Love & the Secret Language, an album billed as “a collection of unconventional love songs,” was released on Zip Records in 2015. The album, recorded in Woodstock, NY with the production duo The Elegant Too (P. Diddy, Yoko Ono, John Cale), offers a lush, deeply textured indie-pop record that found Reju in the company of fellow Hudson Valley artists A.C. Newman (The New Pornographers) and Marco Benevento, and exhibits her original songs, as well as reinterpreted covers by David Bowie, King Missile, Elliot Smith, and Prince. 

Currently, Reju spends most of her time as a front member of the band Buffalo Stack, and is a show director, vocal coach, and arranger for the music students at the Rock Academy in Woodstock, NY. This Fall she will be directing the Rock Academy’s Legends of Laurel Canyon show which will be performed at the legendary Levon Helm Studios.


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With years of sharing the stage with artists like Neko Case, Rachael Yamagata, Nicole Atkins, Gillian Welch, Linda Rondstadt, and Amos Lee, Woodstock, New York singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Adrien Reju has built an impressive career in music. Now she’s expanding her art into new realms with the release of her latest studio outing, Strange Love and the Secret Language. This album, which is being billed as “a collection of unconventional love songs”, offers listeners a lush, deeply textured pop record that has caught the attention of Triple A radio stations such as WXPN (Philadelphia, PA) and WDST (Woodstock, NY), as well as fellow musicians like Rachael Yamagata, who says "Adrien is like a bird from another planet who can see directly into your heart." It also finds Reju in the company of artists such as New Pornographers' A.C. Newman and Marco Benevento. In addition to her striking original songs, Reju covers tunes by David Bowie, Elliot Smith, and Prince.

The album was recorded at Goathouse Studios in Woodstock, NY and was produced by The Elegant Too (Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez). When choosing to work with the production duo, whose eclectic collaborations include Yoko Ono, P. Diddy, and John Cale, Adrien notes that she shared their mutual love of mixing organic and synthetic sounds, an approach they decided to take with this project.

The first single, “Hemophiliac of Love” featuring the unmistakable voice of A.C. Newman, is a cover of the eclectic ’80s band King Missile. Upon hearing their version, songwriter Stephen Tunney (a.k.a. Dogbowl) said he was “deeply moved.”

PopMatters premiered the 2nd single, a Sam Cooke-inspired track entitled "Last Call". “I had been listening to a lot of soul music of the ‘60s and I wanted to transport back to that time when people would go and listen to live music and just dance,” says Reju. “‘Last Call’ is my present day take on that music. I wanted to write something you could dance to."         

Before capturing the attention of San Francisco-based indie label, Zip Records, Strange Love and the Secret Language owes its existence in part to a highly successful PledgeMusic campaign, which netted Reju 113 percent of her stated financial goals. Clearly her fans are as passionate about her music as she is.

Raised in New York City as the only daughter of a cellist/composer and music teacher/book editor, Adrien was exposed to a range of musical genres from an early age from classical to jazz (her father's repertoire), and from folk to classic rock (her mother's record collection). She credits her parents and their upbringing as major contributors to her musicality and integrity as a writer and performer. As a performer, Adrien got her start in Philadelphia running with a close-knit scene of budding songwriters including Blue Note artist Amos Lee. To date, Adrien has also released a 5-song EP, Lucky Ones (2012) and a full length LP, A Million Hearts (2009) to critical acclaim and regular rotation on such radio programs as WXPN's World Cafe with David Dye.